One Camera Challenge: 2019, Vol. 1… Mostly… And the Cool Things about Half-frame Cameras.

Okay, so two rules have be broken in the first few volumes of this series:

The first roll was photographed back in December 2018

Some of the rolls are shot on Kentmere 400 instead of HP5 (I need to use it all up).

Apart from two rules being broken, the project is still on track and I enjoy the ease of not lugging around multiple lenses and cameras.

So three things about half-frames that you might find interesting:

  • You get double the mileage; a 24 exposure roll will actually take 48 photos.
  • Your perception of curation, scanning, printing and presentation changes with this medium.
  • The frames can inadvertently create diptychs & triptychs (and happy accidental narratives) .

?Forgotten Places: Vol. 1?

I am usually diligent when finding the places I photographed but every now and then I lose memory of even taking a photo.

Can you help me find where I took these?

They were shot during my trip to Wellington, New Zealand last year so they could be anywhere between Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Kapiti and Wellington.