Gisborne 2019, autumn to spring. Canon Demi, Ilford HP5.

Happy 2019! Camera Challenge: 2019

Kia Ora.

Last year has been… well… a year. I found myself doing things I didn’t expect myself to be doing five years ago. I enrolled for my ECE teaching bachelors, got the winter blues bad and I rediscovered my green thumbs.

Last year gave me time to think about my creative habits and how I can stop them stagnating in a small place like Gisborne. This got me thinking about what I want to do this year for a photographic project. After discussing ideas with a local curator, I have decided to challenge myself with limitations.

This year, I have put away my professional cameras and fixed an old favourite of mine. In this picture, I’m holding my Canon Demi, a half frame compact camera from the 60s. I will challenge myself to use one camera, focal length, one lens, one film stock, and one print medium for the whole year.

With exception to posting photocaches from last year and giving updates, I will be focusing solely on subject matter and composition in my work.

Wish me luck.

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